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Meditation for your grounding. 


After a long wait I am pleased to announce: 

The meditation for your root chakra, for your grounding, for your earth connection is here!


Do you lack stability and basic trust? 

How often do you feel "blown away" by events and emotional encounters?

How often have you lost your feet after certain strong emotional experiences?


So that exactly this doesn't happen again and again, you can learn to ground yourself. 

Connecting to your root chakra. 

Activate your inner power and strength. 


In this meditation you work with your body and in the first step you build a new bond with your body, around yourbasic trustto strengthen in life.

Formore stability in life. You may arrive fully in your body, accept your incarnation and your life, your being here. 


If you strengthen your basic trust, you automatically strengthen ityour trust in yourselfand you can go through life with more self-confidence. 


In this meditation I accompany you in a silent meditation over simple body zones. 


Guided to guide yourself. 


This meditation is also for youyour independence, because in this meditation you will learn to guide yourself and to be able to work freely with this technique. 

So that you can lead yourself into meditation at any time, independent of cell phone, internet and headphones. 


Learn to ground yourself.

Learn to help yourself!

Learn independence!


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