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Meditation for advanced spiritual seekers. 


It's time! Something may change. 

A big change is ahead of you!


On your journey to yourself  you will eventually arrive at a point and aftermore depthLooking for. Because what once gave you security may be robbing you of your strength right now. You turned around! You have already changed some things. And yet you haven't quite found yourself yet.

You don't quite get through. You don't get deep enough! Something is missing, something is stuck.


At some point you will feel the need to look deeper into yourself to understand why you keep coming into different situations over and over again. As if certain moments are created again and again so that you can learn something from them, you just don't know what yet. 

Especially if certain emotions overwhelmand you are no longer the master of your own senses. If you want to understand why these emotions are so intense in you and what is behind them, then this meditation is the perfect companion for you.


In this meditation you will learnto tackle your issues yourself. 

I'll guide you into onelong and deep meditationand accompany youthe door to yourselfand give youthe key.I open thatroom for youand you can go through. I will guide and accompany you through the depths so that you get your destined insight within yourself. 


This meditation takes you intothe stillness of your beingand has specialAccents of self-encountering. 

Also here you have the special aspect: 

Guided meditation for self-instruction. 

Here, too, I give you the technique so that you can quickly learn to guide yourself to yourtrue independenceto find out. 


The goal of every meditation is absolute stillnessto be able to hold and endure within oneself. This meditation is the next step to yourself. 


Experience yourself. 

In the moment of your true self. 

Moment of the Self - Advanced Meditation

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