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I'm Katharina Nol, mother of two and dedicated teacher for universal life energy and meditation.

In 2019 I was allowed to complete my little meditation leader. In 2020 I was allowed to mature from a small meditation leader to a great meditation teacher.

In an individual personal training I was allowed to receive the traditional teaching of meditation and universal life energy from my teacher for two years.


As part of this training, I was allowed to receive initiation into the 6 degrees of teaching and initiation into the teacher himself.

In addition, I was able to be initiated into energetic foot massage by my teacher and have also been officially certified for energy field measurements since October 2021.

This allows me to bring your invisible energy field into the visible.

Since December 2020 I have been in the extended Tantra Yoga teaching with my Indian teacher and since October 2021 I have been able to receive, apply and transform the teachings of Kiya Yoga according to Yogananda in a two-year training.

You see, the journey never ends. Once you get the key to yourself, your teachers come to you and you get the way automaticallyshown. You follow your destiny and live according to your soul plan.


That was me

Before I was allowed to meet my teacher in 2019, I had my massive burnout in December 2017. After a long hidden depression.


From the outside, no one could see the emptiness and exhaustion within myself.


I was successful in my then husband's company, was a mother, always had more than enough work, but also more than enough financial freedom.


Shop, shop, luxury, vacation here, vacation there, work, work, work, shop, luxury, vacation here, vacation an endless iteration of consumption and distraction.

I was allowed to wake up on a Sunday morning in December.


You can see for yourself how I felt and what the whole journey was like here in my meditation portrait.


Look here:

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